Sunday, 16 August 2015

Been busy finishing off the various units required for Kampfgruppe von Luck: have all the infantry and vehicles completed with the exceptions of the SPW P107 command half-track (on order) and to complete the camouflage on the Somua multi-barrel mortar half-track.   Most of the vehicles still require crews, which are being painted.  Once I figure out how to post photographs, I will include pictures of each of the units.

Have also been assembling and painting other units outside of the scenario, including British artillery, antitank guns and Churchills (IV; VII & Bridgelayer models); German SPAA, more 21 Panzer Division "specials" and a pair of Tiger 1E's; and a miscellany of Russian AFV's and vehicles.   As above, will post photographs once I master that aspect of the Blog!

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