Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Raventhorpe British Commandos

After far too long a break from posting here, here are photographs of a Battalion Pack of Commandos, based for Rapid Fire:

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Raventhorpe British Paratroopers

Inspired by the new RapidFire! Normandy Battlegroups and Normandy Battlegames books, as well as the earlier D-Day scenario book, I have focused since the Spring on assembling a 250 point RF Battlegroups 6th Airborne force, while also keeping an eye of having the Airborne forces for Scenario 8 in the D-Day book.

To this end, here are two of the Battlegroups battalions - smaller than the "traditional" organization, with 2 fewer troops per company and a smaller HQ company.

They are photographed in a home-made Normandy farm courtyard:

While not part of the Battlegroups battalion, here are a 2" mortar team and a Forward Observer team:

British Engineers

Some recent additions - from the Britannia British 1943-45 range:

Sunday, 15 May 2016

British Paratroopers - Normandy

Way too long between postings; somehow the time got away from me.  Now back with lots to post over the next while.

I finally started assembling Britsh paratroopers, starting with a Britannia order, followed by a Raventhorpe order, with another Britannia order to follow.

First up, the initial Britannia order.

Pathfinders.  The basic 6 figure set plus a command figure from the HQ set, I still need a PIAT armed figure to complete an 8 figure company:

Support company plus some extras:

Left to right, back row: 2" mortar, 3" mortar, FO, reconn / FO Jeep
Front row: Vickers MMG and canister set

Anti Tank Support

Airborne 6pdrs and Jeeps

17 pdr and crew

Brigade HQ 

Based for inside building or outside

HQ stands with Jeeps

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Italeri Tiger I

I picked up a box of the easy to assemble war gamer friendly Italeri Tiger I, with two tanks per box. While I like the completed model, box art showed each tank with zimmerit applied; unfortunately the actual model inside does not have this mid-late war feature added. Aside from this, I am pleased with the kit, an easy and inexpensive way to add to my Tiger I complement.   While lacking the detail of other manufacturer's kits, they painted up nicely. Note added track and the pair of helmets hanging off one of the turrets were added and are not part of the Italeri kit.

21st Panzer Division Normandy French Half-Tracks

I haven't posted in far too long, and have not enjoyed the time to do much painting.   Nonetheless, I have managed to complete some AFV's for Normandy.

The vehicles are a mix of Ready to Roll and Raventhorpe, with Britannia crews; you'll see the SPW Flak20mm still requires a gun crew to be added.


RTR SPW P107 half tracks, the middle vehicle armed with a PaK 37mm anti tank gun.

Raventhorpe SPW P107 PaK 40 (left) and Somua Flak 20mm (right)

Raventhorpe Somua rocket launcher half track