Saturday, 11 July 2015

Looking forward to the 2016 Trumpeter Club Vancouver Salute Convention, I have decided to co- host another scenario from the Rapid Fire D-Day Scenario book (I co-hosted Gold Beach in 2013 and 2014).  This time it is scenario #8, Kampfgruppe von Luck's June 6, 1944 counter-attack against Ranville.   I am responsible for the German forces and the terrain, while my-host will field the British paratroopers and commandos.

Over the next few months I plan to post updates and photographs of my progress; I already have the great majority of the Kampfgruppe completed, and most of the terrain.   


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  2. Hi Stephen, just found your blog! Glad to hear you are coming down for Salute 2016. I've been painting up some 21st Pz units myself. Two of the SPW 105's and one SPW Pak 40 75MM, plus a Hotchkiss command observation vehicle. Planning on buying the 20mm version, and multi barreled mortar. You say they are available from Raventhorpe? Yours look great!!