Sunday, 30 August 2015

Recent Additions - 21st Panzer Division Normandy

I completed a few more of the vehicles for Panzer Grenadier Regiment 125:

Motorcycles and OP, part of the Regiment HQ:

Motorcycles are Britannia, while the Lorraine OP is a modified RAFM model, with a Britannia FO

2nd Battalion, 8th Company

Both vehicles are Raventhorpe, you can now get each through Ready to Roll.  The SPW P107 Flak 20mm (left) and Somua PaK 40 (right) half tracks have Britannia crews, with the exception of the drivers, which come with the kit.   According to a recent posting on the Society of Gentleman Gamers site, the Somua was right-hand drive.  I had already assembled two Somua PaK 40's and a multi-barrel mortar half track with the driver on the left, so I'm leaving them as they are!  

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