Thursday, 20 August 2015

I have been struggling with the incompatibility between Britannia infantry and Valiant infantry.   While I enjoy each, I do have trouble using both on the same table, and this has (unintentionally) created two distinct groups of troops.   The pictures below show a RAFM 6pdr anti-tank gun with Britannia crew (on the left) and Valiant crew (on the right):

While I really like the easy manner the Valiant figures can be painted, I struggle with their size compared with the Britannia figures.  At the moment, I have 8 battalions of British (four each) and 13 battalions of German (9 Britannia and 4 Valiant):

Britannia 1944 Pattern (left); Valiant British Tommies 1943-35 (right)

To complicate matters, I have also been seduced into purchasing Plastic Soldier Company kits (to accompany the Valiant troops) in addition to the large numbers of Britannia and RTR AFV's in my collection.   Sherman Firefly:

Britannia Sherman Ic (left) PSC Sherman Vc (right)

More thoughts to follow...

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