Sunday, 13 September 2015

Churchill IV and Churchill VII

I have several unbuilt or unpainted Churchill tanks - Britannia (8), Airfix (1), and Plastic Soldier Company (2) On my "to do" list.   I already have 16 - nine of which are 79th Armoured Division "Funnies".   Pictures of two Churchill Bridgelayer tanks were posted earlier this month.  Here are two more recent additions:


Britannia Churchill IV (75mm) with Britannia command and crew figures.

Airfix Churchill VII with turret armament replaced with metal Britannia 75mm and co-axial Besa machine gun.  I didn't care for the fragility and thinness of the gun barrel on the original model so have gone to the other extreme with the Britannia armament - while not to everyone's taste I like the modifiaction and find it makes the Airfix model "fit" visually with Britannia models.  I also notice a missing road bogie that needs repairing!

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  1. Love the conversion of the Airfix model with the metal gun. I agree with the rationale for doing it.