Sunday, 13 September 2015

2nd Battalion Panzer Grenadier Regiment 125

A picture of the HQ and 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th companies 2nd Battalion, Panzer Grenadier Battalion 125, 21st Panzer Division Normandy.  The setting is the courtyard of a French farmhouse.  The vehicles for the Support Companies (9th & 10th) are finished; the crew for the Lorriane 150 are on the painting table and should be completed soon - pictures shall be posted upon completion of the crew.

P107 Half Tracks are from Ready-to-Roll (top photograph, back row); front row a Raventhorpe SPW 107 20mm half track, a Raventhorpe Somua PaK 40 half track (each with Britannia crews), and a Britannia Volkswagen Beetle staff car.  The second picture is a close-up of the Volkswagen, one of my favourite Britannia models.

I have accompanying Britannia infantry, which I'll post once the entire Battalion is ready for action on the games table.

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