Sunday, 15 May 2016

British Paratroopers - Normandy

Way too long between postings; somehow the time got away from me.  Now back with lots to post over the next while.

I finally started assembling Britsh paratroopers, starting with a Britannia order, followed by a Raventhorpe order, with another Britannia order to follow.

First up, the initial Britannia order.

Pathfinders.  The basic 6 figure set plus a command figure from the HQ set, I still need a PIAT armed figure to complete an 8 figure company:

Support company plus some extras:

Left to right, back row: 2" mortar, 3" mortar, FO, reconn / FO Jeep
Front row: Vickers MMG and canister set

Anti Tank Support

Airborne 6pdrs and Jeeps

17 pdr and crew

Brigade HQ 

Based for inside building or outside

HQ stands with Jeeps

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