Monday, 12 October 2015

Churchills and Cromwells

I finally assembled some Britannia kits I picked up second hand; they are the "older" versions of the models available today as the tracks came as separate metal castings, the Churchill IV's at least, are now made with an all resin hull and track assembly.  

Group shot of all 8 tanks, assembled, stowage added, and ready to be primed.  Stowage is from Sgts Mess, Britannia, and RAFM.  Crew figures Britannia, with others to be added after painting:

Britannia Churchill IV's with 75mm main gun armament:

Britannia Churchill Armoured Recovery Vehicle (left) and another Churchill IV, this time armed with a 6pdr in the turret.   Add track is from the PSC Churchill kit:

Britannia Cromwell close-support tank with 95mm gun and two 75mm armed Cromwells:

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